BOSS Trucks is the premiere and most exclusive luxury & custom truck dealer in the nation.  What started out as a high end   dealership   that customized and sells   Lamborghini and Ferraris, we have grown into the luxury truck market at the demand of our customers.  We have been recognized for providing excellent customer service, competitive deals, and for carrying the cleanest  custom lifted trucks available on the market.  Our trucks have been sold all over the world  and have been featured in films, music videos  and on network television.    At BOSS Trucks we offer first class service to all our customers and pay particular attention to detail, style & personality in the trucks we sell.  We are disrupting the automotive industry that has seen little to no change despite advancements in technology and demand for personalization from consumers.  It's all about customizing a vehicle   to suit your taste and preferences.  To have a truck that represents who you are  makes a bold statement to others about your unique style.  We specialize in carrying only the best of Chevrolet Silverado, GMC Sierra & Denali crew cab trucks.   Most  of our trucks come standard with new powder coated full  suspension lifts, new Fuel, American Force wheels or Specialty Forged  wheels,   new Nitto Trail Grappler or Cooper STT Pro  tires, new LINE-X spray in bedliners, new OEM leather seats, new custom LED tail lights, new custom LED HID  headlights, new custom painted to match grilles , tinted windows, new painted to match front and rear bumpers, new Weathertech floormats, new Borla exhaust and most also come with new carpet and brand new paint jobs!    We only team up with the best!  BOSS Trucks & Discount Tire have joined forces.  Now enjoy peace of mind with your new tires and wheels that come on your truck as they are all warrantied for replacement through Discount Tire and you also get free balance / rotation for life of the tires.  We also now exclusively use The Retrofit Source for all of our HID headlight kits and they come with a  5 year warranty directly through them.  We also use LED Concepts for all of our custom lighting applications.   All of our trucks also come with the nation leading   LINE- X spray in bedliners and they all come with a lifetime warranty as well.    We use nothing but the highest quality parts on every truck that we sell and all of our trucks are certified pre owned with warranty that covers any potential mechanical issues of the engine, transmission and suspension.  Everyone always asks, 'Why do you only sell GM trucks?'  It's because we truly believe that Silverado and Sierra's are the best trucks ever made!  We focus on 08-13 models due to their highly popular classic design.  Although GM has done a great job with their 2017   models, its not all about the newest model out sometimes.  Revitalizing a very popular truck model is like restoring an old classic car.  There is a certain sentiment value that comes with owning a popular model that has been fully restored to better than  new condition.  As we all know, classic cars and trucks bring very high value on the market if they are in mint and flawless condition.  Being that all of our trucks are like brand new we want to provide you with that new truck buying experience without spending a fortune at the dealer on something of less quality than  ours.  In fact, even large GM dealerships buy our trucks to resell themselves.   Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality, lifted GM trucks on the market and also be transparent about all of our trucks so that you can make an educated decision about your next truck  purchase.  Buying a lifted truck is an exciting moment in life.   It's a symbol of status and success and is a celebration of life and freedom.  With all of your civil liberties being extinguished every passing year, owning a lifted truck is way to proclaim your freedom back and to explore new journeys in your life.  These are all core principles and values that revolve around our philosophy and business model.   It's no wonder that millions of Amercians are coming together like never before to celebrate this cause!

Everyone knows the best trucks are from the south!  We are not your typical ' truck dealer'  in the sense that we get personal with our trucks and treat them like pieces of art.  In fact, we are better then any dealership in the nation.  What makes us so unique is that we never buy any of our trucks from other   dealers or auctions.  We obtain all of our trucks right here off of our website by local private parties looking to sell their trucks or trade them in.   Most of our trucks are 1 or 2 owner with clean carfaxes and meticulously maintained by their previous owners.  We do not buy any trucks that have been in major wrecks or used for work or heavy towing.  All of the trucks we buy are high quality, mechanically inspected throughout by our certified  mechanics and are restored to mint and original factory  new condition.  Our head mechanic and body shop foreman each have 35 years in the business so rest assured all of our work is done to the highest standards.  All of our trucks are put through a vigorous cosmetic and mechanical inspection and they all come certified with a full warranty on the engine, transmission and suspension along with a fresh synthetic oil change and tune up.  Not only do we go through the drivetrain but we also replace any ball joints, CV axles, control arms, tie rods, belts, hoses or anything on the entire truck that may need to be replaced or serviced.  Rest assured when buying a truck from us it will be the most reliable used truck on the market.  With all the salt and rust from the north states there's a reason why people from up north love to buy our high quality southern trucks!  

We are transforming the way you buy your next truck!    Most people like to think of us as a customization shop with a large selection of trucks for sell to choose from.  We take an organic approach by selectively hand picking all of our projects that meet our high standards and criteria.  Why would we ever want to buy something without knowing the exact history of the truck?  All other dealers get their inventory at a fast paced auction where trucks are run through like cattle and they blindly buy them and then try to quickly clean them up and pass them off to you.  Have you ever thought about how much time even a reputable dealer really invests in the truck they are trying to sell you?  It's little to none.  Trucks are an investment and you want to make sure you invest in a high quality and solid vehicle.  Beware of imitation truck dealers who throw a lift on their used trucks without replacing worn out suspension components and put on cheap knock off wheels and no name tires that wear out months after you buy them.  These dealers are only going for the fast sell to unknowing truck buyers and don't know the first thing about selling a stylish and quality truck.   With us you have a choice!   Don't buy   northern or coastal trucks that have been rusted out from salt where you will have endless   mechanical problems   for years to come!  You worked hard for your money and you deserve to be driving a high quality, worry free truck that you can be proud of.  Why spend your  money buying a lifted truck that looks the same as everyone elses?  With us you can choose your own style wheels, tires, lift size, headlights and color scheme!  The number one  question we always are asked  is how our prices are so low with all the time and money we put into our trucks.  The simple answer is we are selling the highest quality most competitively priced trucks on the market for our reputation.   Not only that, we have the highest   5 star rating of any truck dealer in the entire nation  from all of our buyers who have reviewed us on Google, Facebook, Ebay  and DealerRater (Thanks to our awesome happy customers). With it being hard to keep inventory and with us being the hottest custom truck dealer in the nation now is the time to take advantage of our free shipping and incentives to become our next lucky custom truck buyer.

We are excited to announce our move into our new 20,000 sq ft facility near downtown Dallas!  Using state of the art $300k paint booths and using only the highest quality 3M materials and dealership quality paint system by Axalta (formerly Dupont), we make sure that all of our trucks we sell are sold with no scratches, dents or damage.  In fact, we put fresh paint jobs on most of the trucks we sell to insure you are getting a truck that looks better then it did when it was new.  We use the same paint and materials to paint both our exotic cars and GM trucks so you know you are getting the highest quality work possible.  All of our paint work also comes with a lifetime warranty.   We can also custom paint your truck to the color of your choice or color match any item on the truck to your preference including powder coating wheels or lift and suspension components as well.  We even do complete Kevlar paint conversions as well which inlude sanding down the original paint and then applying our premium Kevlar to the entire truck including the inside of the door jambs as well as the bedliner.   With the Kevlar application you can choose any color that you want or even do a mixture of Kevlar colors as well.   Kevlar is a perfect choice for those that may use their vehicle for off road purposes and want to avoid getting their truck scratched up by brush or trees  or to avoid by natural elements such as hail damage which the Kevlar repels without causing damage to your truck.  We even go as far as replacing all of the plastic bumper moldings and tailgate spoilers on the trucks.  There's not much that we miss!  A lot of people ask why we only have a few trucks for sell and the reason for that is that most of the trucks we sell are sold before they ever hit our site.  We are always working on customizing at least 50 trucks at all times.  Remember, we take our time with all of our trucks and take great pride in our quality and craftsmanship.  We will accomadate you in any way that we can whether it be building you a specific truck with a unique color scheme, picking you up from the airport or transporting the truck to you.  There is not another company out there like us.  All of our trucks are  lifted, crew cab, 5.3L   engines or bigger  & of course 4WD and we wouldn't have it any other way!  BOSS Trucks is more then just about your image, it's a lifestyle.  Come test drive the truck of your dreams today!