Most dealerships offer 'in house financing' which can be convenient but unaware  consumers don't realize that their rate is actually marked up a minium of 2 percent but sometimes as high as 10 percent!   With your vehicle being financed 3-5 years this can add $5,000 or more to your overall payoff and giving away huge profits to the dealership.    BOSS Trucks is not looking for a way to take advantage of our customers by  upcharging interest rates.  Instead we have decided to refer you to other banks so that you can get the best rate and value which means more money to spend on customizing your truck!   All you need  to  do is  give  your local credit union  or bank of  choice the VIN of the truck  which can be found in the carfax at the bottom of each listing.  There are  several   options we suggest below.    

Out of state buyers:

Wells Fargo  is  a great choice for out of state buyers because most large banks  like Bank of America or Chase bank only work with  'partner' dealers which prevent you from choosing  a dealership that you want to buy from.    Wells Fargo also offers great rates and usually gives a loan answer  immediately.   You may contact a specialist by calling the number below.

Wells Fargo - 1.877.246.1015

Texas  buyers:

We have several great local  credit unions  that we frequently deal with who offer amazing rates as well.  Credit Union of Texas  is  our most  popular  choice  from our customers.   They offer  competitive low rates  and loan extra for custom work on our trucks.  With many locations in Texas they are a great choice.  

Credit Union of Texas -  972.  705.4875           or email                

Buyers with Military affiliation:

Most of our customer's in the military or have family members that serve  go with USAA or Navy Federal Credit Union.   We work with both banks very frequently and both offer very  competitve rates and will offer extra money for custom work done on the trucks which most banks do not.  You will find the contact information for both of the banks below.

USAA - 1.800 .531.8722

Navy Federal  Credit Union -  1.888.842.6328